Welcome at Little Eden

Little Eden is an unique Bungalow resort on the island of Koh Chang on Lonely Beach. Owned by David Newman who speaks English, German and Thai fluently, the restaurant area is an ideal place for guests from all corners of the world to meet and chat about exploring the island.

About Little Eden

Little Eden is an unique Bungalow resort on the island of Koh Chang on Lonely Beach. Owned by David Newman who speaks English, German and Thai fluently, the restaurant area is an ideal place for guests from all corners of the world to meet and chat about exploring the island.

The resort is near to Lonely Beach village but still far enough away to be so quiet, Little Eden is a peaceful sanctuary that provides the perfect location to escape after a busy day if it’s on the beach on a scooter or diving or whatever, it’s like a hub from where you can easily reach the beach or the village and just stroll up the hill to Paradise.

Little Eden has a good reputation for being clean, friendly, good food, each year in the low season we undertake lots of renovations to constantly refresh the quality, each year something new. We have a selected choice of activities which is offered, these can be easily booked with Mr Sun, a wide range of adventures including snorkeling, scuba diving, elephant bathing and trekking, fishing, night fishing, individual Kayak tours to remote places, Thai cooking classes, Visa runs, or travel on or off the island. We have chosen these activities for what we think our guests would enjoy best, slightly more expensive than the tours offered in most travel shops, but certainly more individual, we would like our guests to return again one day.

Another great feature of Little Eden is the restaurant and lounge. It provides a great atmosphere to drink refreshing shakes, beers, long drinks, or read a book, surf the high speed internet or be social with the other guests. The nourishing food is healthy and delicious, there are many items on the menu to suit anyone’s tastes.
David’s manager Mr Sun is a very friendly guy and our staff make delicious food, both Thai and western cuisine.

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How to get to Little Eden

  By bus, mini-bus or van

From Suvarnabhumi Airport
“SWB tours” drive from Suvarnabhumi to Koh Chang, leaves the Airport at 7:50am (11:00 & 14:00). Tel. Bangkok office +66 (0) 837942122.

From Khao San road
At the end of Khao San road there is a minibus company who leave every day at 10:00am and drive all the way to Lonely Beach on Koh Chang, Tel. Bangkok office +66 (0) 6 1443 1033, really convenient service

From Ekamai Bus station Bangkok
The 999Express 6:30. 7:45 and 9:45 to both ferry piers, Ekamai bus station is located on the Skytrain line.

From Ekamai there are Minibusses which will take you to the ferry port, there is also the Cherdchai Tour bus (about 250 Baht) which goes to Trat Bus station, this leaves about every one or two hours from 6:00 to 23:30, then take a Taxi (songthaew) to one of the ferry ports.

Once you are on the island take a White pickup Taxi (Songthaew) to Soi 3 on Lonely beach, should cost 100 Baht each person, but if the Taxi is not full they will charge you a bit more, the drive should take around 30 minutes. Turn left into “Soi 3” and walk up the hill about 150 meters to Little Eden.

  By taxi

Taxi from Bangkok would cost you not more than 4,500 Baht door to door. Tip: cheaper to get the Taxi only to ferry port, should be only about 3,500 Baht, then pay the 80 Baht ferry yourself and pay the 100 Baht each taxi to Lonely beach. Most taxi drivers have never been to Koh Chang, hence the steep hills they are not used too as Bangkok is flat, so their driving abilities can be a bit restricted.

Coming from Seam Reap in Cambodia

We strongly recommend taking a Taxi from Seam Reap to the Border, they should charge about 20 Dollars each, its only about 140km, so about one and a half hours, the big bus will take half the day, a big scam.
Then take a minibus to Koh Chang.

   By plane

For those who wish to fly to Trat Airport, Bangkok Air only, there are 3 flights daily high season and 3 in the low season for about 3,500 Baht) only an hour’s flight, then take the Airport Minibus to Little Eden for 500 Baht per person. The flight which arrives in Trat at 18.00 will get the last ferry at 19.00, no worries.


Koh Chang Ferry (Ao Thammachat) crossing takes about 30 minutes, leaves 6:45am – 7pm more or less every 45 minutes.
Centrepoint Ferry (Laem Ngop) crossing takes about 1 hour, 6:30am – 7:30pm leaves every half past the hour.

There is also a brand new ferry service opened August 2017 from Hua Hin and Pattaya (Satahip) to Bang Bao pier in the south of Koh Chang.

Getting away...

We offer a Quick and Easy minibus service which picks up at LITTLE EDEN and goes all the way to the Khao San road, Victory Monument, Srinakarin road or Suvarnabhumi Airport, the service runs three times a day from 8:30 11:30 and 13:30, only 650 Baht including ferry ticket, duration usually about six hours. It takes the faster Koh Chang ferry crossing. In the green season they leave 8:30 & 13:30.

Another vendor (SWB Tours) offer a Minibus and bus service to Suvarnabhumi Airport only, for 600 Baht at 6:00am or 11:40 noon or 4:40pm, about seven hours.

The 999Express bus operates from both ferry ports to Ekamai, 14:00. Taxis go from Lonely beach “on the hour every hour” to both ferry piers as from 7am to 5pm for 100 Baht per person, if you need to go any other time you probably be charged 400 Baht. . . each.
Alternatively you can take a Songtheaw from the main road to the ferry ports (they leave on the hour every hour), on the main land pier there are vendors offering transport to Bangkok or take a Songtheaw to the Trat Bus station, then take the Cherdchai Tour bus to Ekamai, they leave every 1-2 hours from 7am-11:30pm.

You can also fly back to Bangkok Airport but with Bangkok Air only, there are 3 flights a day in the high season and 2 in the low season for about 3,500 Baht, only an hour’s flight. A minibus (Bangkok Air Service) will cost you 500 Baht to and from the Airport, we have tickets ready, please ask Mr Sun.
We can also arrange a Taxi from Little Eden to Bangkok for 4,500 Baht this includes the Ferry ticket for 2 people, the taxi will take to your Hotel or wherever in Bangkok.

There are different vehicles available, small car would be a little less expensive, Toyota Fortuna a bigger car is able to take 4 persons. We could also arrange a minibus for around 6,000 Baht.

Many people go to “Seam Reap” in Cambodia, it is a very popular destination, usually 2 days is enough, but we strongly recommend buying a ticket all the way but don’t get in the big bus but jump in a Taxi at the Border, about 20 Dollars each and only takes around one and a half hours (the big bus maybe 6 hours), the taxi might stop before entering Seam Reap and the driver might say now get in a Tuk Tuk, stay put!, ask the Taxi to take you to your destination in Seam reap. And be ready for more scams.

In Seam reap you can find ***** hotels for 100 Dollars, there is also a nice place called Smiley Guesthouse, excellent location, rooms 8 – 20 Dollars, ask our Manager “Sun” for more information.